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Boost productivity with the ZenWork Desk and Office Chair. This ergonomic duo is designed for comfort and functionality, creating a tranquil workspace that inspires focus and creativity.

BDI (Becker Designed, Inc.) logo. A modern furniture company offering innovative designs in media, storage, office, bedroom, tables, and shelving. BDI's collection features functional and stylish pieces, such as the Corridor Bar, Eileen Leaning Shelf, and LINQ Bedroom series. Known for award-winning designs, BDI blends form and function seamlessly. The Corridor Bar 5620 and other collections showcase BDI's commitment to quality craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. BDI, a leader in furniture design, emphasizes originality and functionality in its diverse product range

Discover Timeless Elegance

with American Leather

Embark on a journey of enduring style and sustainable luxury with American Leather. Founded in 1990 by visionary engineers, American Leather redefines the furniture landscape, seamlessly blending innovation, design, and quality. With a commitment to delivering custom-made furniture without the wait, American Leather's collections, including sleeper sofas, beds, and chairs, showcase a perfect marriage of form and function.

Innovative Craftsmanship, Sustainable Choices American Leather stands as a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, embodying eco-friendly practices in every creation. From utilizing wood harvested from sustainable forests to employing water-based pigments in their leathers, every piece reflects a dedication to environmental responsibility. Explore their digital catalogs to witness the convergence of comfort, innovation, and performance in furniture that stands the test of time.

Crafting a Seamless Fusion of Style and Practicality with Bedfellows Furniture in Studio City

In the realm of high-end home and office furniture, individuals have often found themselves torn between the allure of visually striking pieces with limited functionality and the practicality of highly functional items that may lack aesthetic appeal. Bedfellows Furniture, in collaboration with esteemed partners like BDI, is on a mission to redefine this choice.

Since our establishment, Bedfellows has been committed to infusing the principles of high-end modern and contemporary design into everyday furniture. With a focus on providing Studio City residents with a unique fusion of aesthetic elegance and practical functionality, our furniture offerings are a testament to this dedication.

Discover a curated collection that transcends traditional trade-offs, where each piece is a masterpiece of design and utility. From easily adjustable shelves to meticulously planned cord-management solutions, Bedfellows Furniture, in partnership with BDI, is elevating living and working spaces in Studio City. Embrace the perfect harmony of beautiful design and everyday innovation with Bedfellows Furniture.

Unlock a world of sophisticated living with our exclusive range of furniture designed to enhance your lifestyle. Our Studio City showroom showcases a diverse selection, including modern sofas, contemporary office desks, luxury bedroom sets, and more. Immerse yourself in the blend of form and functionality that Bedfellows Furniture brings to every corner of your home or office.

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